Owners John and Mary Hooper are life- long residents of the Delmar/Albany area.

John has been in the grocery industry since 1982 where he began his career with the Carnation Company. Mary has worked at the Center for Disability Services since 1983.

Growing up in small towns, both experienced the sense of community and other benefits of small mom and pop stores that were intertwined in the neighborhood. From five and dime stores, to Italian Import stores, to penny candy stores.

These fond memories lead John and Mary to aspire to own a small business of their own to mirror the small business feel, and to offer local products and experiences that our customers seek out.

This came to fruition in September 2011 when John and Mary established John and Mary’s grocery at Delmar Marketplace, partnering with Chris and Jim McCarroll who are 5th generation Deli and Butcher serving our Bethlehem community.

John and Mary’s youngest children, Philip and Jillian work in the family business. Julie, the eldest, works in advertising

Delmar Marketplace is located at the four corners, in the center of town, serving the community with great food, groceries, and friendly experiences.

We appreciate and welcome regular customers, students, and new visitors, which are all an integral part of this family business.